Vivaio Less

Vivaio Less stroller is a combination of modern design with reliable functionality, safety and comfort. Deep-walking stroller with the possibility of mounting a car seat. Available in as many as seven new versions


The booth consists of two wedges. It has a retractable canopy, adjustment system, carrying handle and a ventilation window with a mosquito net. Gondola made of durable material with a decorative patch and a cover to protect the child’s feet, inside there is a cotton mattress. The gondola itself is trimmed on a plastic form, which has an anti-reflux system.

external dimensions
length.  81 cm
height. 65cm
width. 40cm

internal dimensions
length.  75cm
height. 55cm
width. 33cm

weight. 5,0 kg


Seat Unit

Possibility to mount the stroller forward or backward. It has footrest and backrest adjustment. The seat is equipped with 4-point seat belts. The lifted booth is equipped with a window and an additional wedge to protect the child from the wind.

Always remember to use the fastening system!

stroller dimensions
length.  90cm
height. 61cm
width. 40cm

seat dimensions
length.  85cm
height. 38cm
width. 36cm
weight. 4,9 kg


Light and easy to fold / unfold, frame made of aluminum elements and electropolished tube. Removable gel wheels, front swivel wheels with straight-ahead lock system. The structure has 2 pairs of shock absorbers, an adjustable handle, a capacious basket, a central brake and a blockade of the self-unfolding of the frame.

frame dimensions
length.  100cm
height. 105cm
width. 59cm

folded frame dimensions
length.  72cm
height. 32cm
width. 59cm
weight. 8,4 kg


viv 01-20

viv 02-20

viv 03-20

viv 04-20

viv 05-20

viv 06-20

viv 07-20



Dimension & weight

5,0 kg
4,9 kg
8,4 kg
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